How to Choose the Best Cash Back Credit Card on the Market

    21 Mar    Cash Back
    Mar 21

    How to Choose the Best Cash Back Credit Card on the Market

    It’s easy to believe that if there is a way of sparing money people would gather around in order to understand it and then replicate the method. Especially if this method guarantees a small percentage of each amount back to the person who’ve spent it.    

    Thinking about that many banks have created the best cashback credit card offers, as a manner to refund the owner with bonuses or a fraction of the purchase value. There are three types of the best cashback credit card deals, depending on the deal of each type of card the rebate can happen when spending with food, gas or even grocery stores, some cards can be used in all of these things, it doesn’t need a large transaction to make it count and it is a tax-free kickback.

    Number 1: Discover it Card for Cashback

    With this credit card, you’ll be able to get 5% cash back in your purchase at different locations such as grocery stores. Its high percentage makes it the best cashback credit card for groceries, with no annual fee and yet unlimited 1% on every other purchase. Rewards never expire, and it can be used at checkouts so it’s a bonus centered system, but It may be an issue to use this one outside of the US. You’ll need some experience to use it effectively because its reward system is not the simplest out there.

    Number 2: Citi Double Cash Card – 18 Months, BT Offer

    This is the best credit card for rewards and cashback because the minimum value for your prizes is $25, you’ll also be able to get 2% of each dollar spent with this credit card, there is no sign-up bonus, but its cash-back rate is very high, considering you can use it anywhere.  

    Number 3: Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card

    This one was a little harder to search for since it is a tiered bonus best credit card with cashback, which means it’s cash-back percentage may vary depending on the company or service where you are using it. What makes this one special is the fact of an unlimited 4% repayment on any dining or entertainment place, 2% on grocery stores and 1% in every other purchase, and no limit on how much it may kickback to you.  This is the best cashback credit card with no annual fee, so it’s a good choice If you have a family.

    Number 4: Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards

    This is the best cashback credit card no foreign transaction fee because you can receive $150 in every $500 you pay. It’s a simple card to use it, but if you prefer maximum value at earnings you’ll have to look for another one.

    To summarize there is a type of a cash back credit card specifically designed to every single strategy. There is even the possibility of a credit card holder to benefit from more than one of these cards, which is a way of maxing out his rebates. Just make sure to know what’s the best free cashback credit card for you.

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