The Cash Back Sites Comparison of 2019

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    The Cash Back Sites Comparison of 2019

    There are dozens if not hundreds of cashback sites. The challenge for many is getting unbiased data to compare cashback sites against each other. We’ll give you that critical data here. In this cashback sites comparison, we’ll list the pros and cons of the best cashback sites. And we’ll limit our list to the top cashback sites so you don’t have to wade through a long list to find one that is right for you.


    Ebates is popular for a number of reasons. It offers up to 40% cashback with an incredibly large number of partners. It is notable for having thousands of online and offline stores. It is free to join. You can get a bonus for each friend you refer. You can get extra bonuses if you make a minimum number of qualifying purchases. When you’re buying things online, you can use the Ebates button in your browser installed as an extension or a mobile app to track the purchases and receive incentives.

    If you get the Ebates branded credit card, you get an extra 3% on any qualifying eBates purchase and a smaller percentage on all other purchases. They can issue payment as a check, deposit the money in Paypal or give the incentive amount to charity. The only strike against this site is that it can take up to three months to receive your cash back.

    TopCash Back

    TopCashBack says it is one of the most generous cashback sites, though it only works with affiliated online stores. This site is one of the best Amazon cashback sites since it can pay you in Amazon gift cards for your Amazon purchases. You can be paid via Paypal, check or credit card points, too. An interesting feature of this cashback program is that they say they will match the incentives offered by other programs. And there is no minimum payout.

    When you’re looking for cashback sites like Ebates, don’t forget to consider how the site can save you money in other ways. And that’s where TopCashBack stands out. It helps you access in-store coupons automatically while you buy things online.


    Swagbucks is unusual in that it isn’t just on nearly every list of cashback sites. You do get cash back with nearly every purchase you make with more than 1500 retailers. Their minimum payment threshold is low, though their payment processing time is slower than a number of competitors.

    Where SwagBucks stands out is how many ways you can earn extra rewards. Whether you watch movie trailers or complete surveys, they give you a variety of ways to earn extra points so you can snag that discount or qualify for the next cash payout.


    Ibotta is a new addition to the cashback sites USA residents have at their disposal. It works with several hundred retailers online and offline. The biggest point in favor of this cashback shopping site is speed. It can make payouts via Paypal in as little as 24 hours. It can reimburse you through gift cards and Venmo, too. The Ibotta can also help you find discounts and coupon codes to help you save money.


    We’ve provided a short and simple list of the best cash back shopping sites for your consideration. Be careful to select one that works with your preferred payment methods and the retailers you prefer to shop with.

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